Hidden behind a tree is a heated outdoor pool - OLM Nature Escape

Climate-neutral & sustainable holidays: your aparthotel – South Tyrol

Rich with
the spoils
of nature.

OLM Nature Escape has found its home next to wide meadows and dense coniferous forests and, with its energy self-sufficient and CO₂-neutral existence, stands for sustainable and resource-saving holidays. Embark on a journey through our place of empowerment with a good conscience and sense the life force of nature with every step you take.

powerful OLM

Thanks to 2,000 m² of photovoltaic modules with 1,200 panels on our roof, our own solar power system and our own geothermal heating plant, our sustainable Eco Aparthotel is independent of external providers and generates its own green electricity. 550 kW of heat is produced by 126 installed probes and with the help of 3 heat pumps and is available for direct use in our climate-friendly building.

Our own water source with an artesian well ensures a supply of exquisite drinking water, which is available free of charge throughout the hotel.

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the aparthotel - OLM Nature Escape Aparthotel produces green electricity with photovoltaics - OLM Nature Escape Sun shines on the valley side - OLM Nature Escape Photovoltaic system - OLM Nature Escape Hands catch spring water - OLM Nature Escape

Zero Waste

We live by the motto “Think before you print” and rely on digital and environmentally friendly alternatives. You can easily and conveniently access our in-house service area via your smartphone, where you can find all the information and news about your climate-friendly holiday.

Sustainable holidays are important to us. For the sake of the environment, we don’t clean your Eco ApartSuite and change your towels every day. You are welcome to book both on request. To conserve even more resources, we do not provide disposable bathing slippers and ask you to bring your own from home. We have also made a conscious decision to use sustainable towels. They differ from conventional towels in terms of their size and weight, which further saves energy and water.

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Organic winery Zöhlhof - OLM Nature Escape
Organic winery Zöhlhof

A sense of care and love for nature as well as innovative visions of the future are key ingredients in the Zöhlhof’s organic wines and apple juices. A holistic philosophy that you can taste with every sip.

Winery Manincor - OLM Nature Escape
Manincor winery

Nature, passion and tradition are the pillars on which the Manincor winery is built. Mindfulness in dealing with people, nature and plants and an uncompromising standard of work produce first-class, biodynamic wines that tell their own story.

Winery Baron Longo - OLM Nature Escape
Baron Longo winery

Consistency, courage and vision are the guiding principles of the biodynamic Baron Longo winery in the South Tyrolean lowlands. The main focus here is on environmentally friendly and biodynamic agriculture and the interaction between man and nature, which results in particularly elegant, individual wines.

Winery Hadeburg - OLM Nature Escape
Haderburg winery

Centuries-old vineyards and ideal climatic conditions provide the perfect conditions for growing distinctive wines and sparkling wines. Diligent craft work by passionate winegrowers and the biodynamic cultivation method produce outstanding wines of the highest quality.

Beer & distillates


Only the best raw materials from organic farming make it into the bottles of gustAhr beers. Produced with honest craftsmanship and plenty of passion, the different varieties become first-class regional products with a special character.

Organic distillery Steiner - OLM Nature Escape
Steiner organic distillery

Delicious distillates and exquisite liqueurs made from organic and wild local fruits are brought to life at the Steiner distillery. By following natural cycles and sustainable practices, distiller Friedrich Steiner refines his creations with a passion and dedication that has already won him several awards.

Bread, vegetables & more

Natural bakery Profanter - OLM Nature Escape
Profanter natural bakery

Natural, organic bread – genuine, honest and unadulterated – is baked every day behind the walls of the Profanter natural bakery. Without any pre-mixes or ready-mixes and without artificial baking agents, but with a lot of manual craft, time, natural ingredients and the famous in-house natural sourdough.

Feichterhof - OLM Nature Escape

Bread from the Val Pusteria with fenugreek, crackers, biscuits and sweet bread made from the farm’s own grain are baked in the ovens at Feichterhof, while seasonal fruit and vegetables grow in the fields. All products from biodynamic agriculture.

Fruit juices

Softladele Wallnöfer - OLM Nature Escape
Softladele Wallnöfer

Pure natural fruit juices without artificial additives, colours or concentrates. The motto for Gerd Wallnöfer’s organic business is “with nature, not by it” and produces the finest quality juices from hand-picked fruits.

Skin care

TEAM DR JOSEPH - OLM Nature Escape

Natural, sustainable skin care through certified organic and vegan products with a holistic approach is the credo of this climate-neutral family  business. The resulting products contain plant-based active ingredient combinations of the highest quality.