Your Eco Aparthotel in South Tyrol, Caminata – OLM Nature Escape

A place to
simply be.

Unique, extraordinary and special. We are not just talking about the people that visit us, but also the OLM Nature Escape, your new energy self-sufficient Eco Aparthotel near Campo Tures in South Tyrol. Come along and let us accompany you on your journey in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Why OLM?

Your alpine retreat

OLM Spirit

The Urban Alp

A place that is a little different, made for people who are on the same wavelength. This is the OLM Nature Escape, your special home from home in the South Tyrolean mountains.
Get to know us

For the sake of the nature

Be good

Sustainable holidays

Spend your holiday at the energy self-sufficient Eco Aparthotel in South Tyrol with a good conscience. Resource-saving, environmentally friendly and CO₂-neutral.
Go green

Culinary delights rethought

Eat better

Breakfast, dinner & more

A different kind of concept awaits you at our Urban Alp and one which allows you to experience every aspect of culinary freedom.

Discover the diversity of OLM
Dine Around & home-cooked

The fascination of water

Joy of water

Spring water & pool

Our elixir of life and most precious commodity. The element of water plays a central role at OLM Nature Escape – both in the form of fresh drinking water from the artesian well and with our pools.
Dive in

Find yourself

Find yourself

Eco SPA, tranquillity & digital detox

Mindful, grounded and conscious, you return to your inner self at the places of empowerment in your new Eco Aparthotel in South Tyrol: through yoga, fitness and the Eco SPA.

Go with the flow

Discover something special

Stay in Motion

Active and nature

Surrounded by special places that will remain in your memory, OLM Nature Escape is your ideal home base for countless experiences in South Tyrol.

Discover the extraordinary

A unique place


Dein Nature Escape

Far removed from the mainstream, the OLM invites you on a journey to inner peace and strength. Feel the endless freedom in the discreet atmosphere of the Urban Alp.

Discover your freedom

How nice that you found us.
You are what we are looking for and we are
what you have been waiting for.

A different
of stay.

OLM Nature Escape is not a classic hotel, but a house of freedom; a place full of empathy and tolerance, where people meet with a sense of mindfulness and enjoy their holiday in peaceful coexistence. OLM is cosmopolitan and authentic.
OLM is creative. What is OLM for you?

OLM Crew OLM Spirit

Bird's eye view of the Aparthotel and its surroundings - OLM Nature Escape Indoor pool area - OLM Nature Escape Outdoor pool at the aparthotel in summer with a green lawn - OLM Nature Escape Balcony view of the surroundings - OLM Nature Escape Woman rummaging through bookshelf - OLM Nature Escape Cozy lounge with a table and chairs - OLM Nature Escape Concrete and glass facade of the Aparthotel - OLM Nature Escape Working on the PC in your own apartment with a desk - OLM Nature Escape Outdoor pool and illuminated natural swimming pond in the evening - OLM Nature Escape Glass front in the courtyard - OLM Nature Escape Woman looking out of the sauna into the courtyard - OLM Nature Escape



to see
Waiter working behind the bar - OLM Nature Escape
Awesome Tolerant and cosmopolitan in dealing with people and animals.
Hikers on the way to the mountain pasture with striking mountain peaks in the background and grazing cows along the way - OLM Nature Escape
Nature-Loving Appreciative & authentic by conviction.
Bird flies over snowy mountains - OLM Nature Escape
Special Freedom-loving & independent in being.
Hands catch water - OLM Nature Escape
Unique The Earth is all we have.
The sun sets behind the mountains - OLM Nature Escape
Good Resource-saving, minimalist & innovative in action.
Various dishes on a green background - OLM Nature Escape
Pleasure-Seeking A connoisseur through and through.

Your personal retreat

Sketch Eco-ApartSuite L - OLM Nature Escape
60 m² for 1-4 people
Apartsuite L

with private sauna and workation studio

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Sketch Eco-ApartSuite M - OLM Nature Escape
53 m² for 1-3 people
Apartsuite M

with private sauna

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