Heated outdoor pool and natural swimming pond in the courtyard - OLM Nature Escape

Aparthotel with holiday apartments & indoor & outdoor pool – Dolomites

Your elixir
of life

Numerous rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and lakes characterise the pristine natural landscape around OLM Nature Escape. Feel free to explore the different water worlds in all their forms – indoor and outdoor, in the form of refreshing water-based drinks from the in-house spring or while swimming in our pools and in the natural swimming pond of your Eco Aparthotel in South Tyrol.

from Caminata

Fresh mountain spring and mineral water from the artesian well is available free of charge throughout in the house and ensures vitality and refreshment at any time of the day. You are also welcome to stop by PRENN° and enjoy our healthy water drinks.

Pouring spring water - OLM Nature Escape Water runs over hands - OLM Nature Escape Spring water from the aparthotel - OLM Nature Escape Drink with rosemary and lemon - OLM Nature Escape

full circle

Dive into the refreshing water of our aparthotel with new holiday apartments and pool in the Val Pusteria valley, and feel the connection with the grounding power of nature in the natural swimming pond or in the 500 m² SPA area. As you glide through the clear mountain spring water, you will feel a deep sense of gratitude and awareness that everything is flowing within you and around you. You are part of it.
* Our pool area is open daily from 07:00 to 21:00.

Lighted outdoor pool and natural swimming pond in the evening - OLM Nature Escape Close-up of the indoor pool - OLM Nature Escape Woman swimming in heated outdoor pool - OLM Nature Escape Aparthotel with outdoor pool and garden - OLM Nature Escape Outdoor pool at the aparthotel in summer with a green lawn - OLM Nature Escape Modern indoor pool with deck chairs - OLM Nature Escape